Dr. Shetlin has spent more than two decades researching, preparing, and practicing health and wealth principles to improve the lives of all those who choose to apply these simple yet empowering steps to their own lives.

These, “Techniques for Advanced Living,” are found in the “Conundrum Series” of books, audiobooks, podcasts, and lectures.  The first book he released was titled, “Solving the Health and Wealth Conundrum.”  His current best-selling health and wealth book is “Future Health: Aging Gracefully to 100 Years and Beyond.”

As a “Certified Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injury Specialists,” Dr. Shetlin educates physicians and attorneys around the world on the proper diagnosis, treatment and documentation of Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injury cases.  He has authored books and magazines on topics including, hidden soft tissue injuries, motor vehicle physics as applied to occupants, patient recovery protocols and more.  Currently, Dr. Shetlin’s book, “The Physician’s Guide to Whiplash and Hidden Soft Tissue Injuries,” is the only published book we know of that addresses infants and children in relation to motor vehicle collision triggered injuries and recovery.  Dr. Shetlin is the current President of “The Whiplash Group.”   He is mission focused on educating Personal Injury attorneys and doctors across the country and around the world in the proper treatment and care of the patient/client both mentally, physically and legally.

Dr. Shetlin enjoys time with his wife, Shannon, and their four children.  Hobbies include travel, meeting new people that are ‘producers’ (see Garrett Gunderson’s teaching), and mountain biking.

Dr. Shetlin continues to treat patients in his private practice located in South Jordan, Utah –