October 25, 2016

Dr. Jay Shetlin

Dr. Shetlin has spent more than two decades researching, preparing, and practicing health and wealth principles to improve the lives of all those who choose to apply these simple yet empowering steps to their own lives.

These, “Techniques for Advanced Living,” are found in the “Conundrum Series” of books, audiobooks and lectures.  The first to be released is entitled, “Solving the Health and Wealth Conundrum.”  Solving the Health and Wealth Conundrum is sure to be one of the best self-help books of the decade!

As a “Certified Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injury Specialists,” Dr. Shetlin educates physicians and attorneys around the world on the proper diagnosis, treatment and documentation of auto accident victim cases.  He is currently authoring books for patients, insurance agents, doctors and lawyers regarding the specific, and often hidden, soft tissue injuries that occur during various motor vehicle collisions.

Dr. Shetlin continues to treat patients in his private practice located in South Jordan, Utah – www.Shetlin.com