R. Jay Shetlin:  Chiropractic Physician, Author, Speaker

10464 S. Redwood Rd.
South Jordan, UT  84095

Office:        801 446-5100
Email:         drjay@shetlin.com
Website:    http://www.sojochiro.com/
https://www.drjayshetlin.com/  – Books

Date of Birth:  May 1969

Birth Place: San Diego, CA

Personal Statement

“I will prevent disease (or injury) whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.” – Excerpt from The Modern Hippocratic Oath 1964, Dr. Louis Lasagna; School of Medicine at Tufts University.

 Education / Experience

Overseas Service:   Christian missionary in Seoul, Korea 1988-1990  Taught English in Korea part of 1992 to help pay for undergrad.

Undergraduate Studies:    University of Utah 9-1991 to 5-1995.

    Major: Pre-med/Biology     201 President’s Circle; SLC, UT 84112  (801) 851- 7200   

Doctorate of Chiropractic:   Palmer College of Chiropractic 7-1996 to 2-1999

   Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Chiropractic   1000 North Brady Street; Davenport, IA 52803  (562) 884-5000

Board Certified by the National Board of Examiners  1998

Advanced Studies – treatment of pregnant patients and the care of the Pediatric spine 1999 to 2001

Certified Motor Vehicle Occupant Injury Specialist Since 2004 (Certified by the Personal Injury Training Institute)

Lived and Practiced Overseas:   Global Wellness Centre 2-2005 to 10-2006, Lisboa, Portugal

Leadership Experience

01-2001 to 12-2003 – President of the Utah Spinal Research Foundation

  • Research on the effects of Chiropractic on Patients with Asthma
  • Research on the effects of Chiropractic on patients with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Hosted USRF Triathlon (St. George, UT)

01-2004 to 12-2004 – President of the American Spinal Research Foundation

  • Hosted the Natural Health and Fitness Expo (St. George UT) 03-2004

09-2009 Volunteer Physician for “Healing Hands for Haiti”

05-05-2010 Host of “Community Wellness Day” in South Jordan, Utah

09-2011 Co-host with City of South Jordan for “Night out Against Crime” in South Jordan, Utah

11-2011 to -2015 – Board Member of the Utah Chiropractic Physician’s Association

2014-2015 – VP Utah Chiropractic Physician’s Association

2010– Present – Organized and acting President of “The Whiplash Group” seminars

2014- Present – President of “DeLorean Motor Club of Utah”


Licensed Physician in the State of Utah since July 1999

Current Member of the Utah Chiropractic Physician’s Association

Member of the International Chiropractic Association (Past)

Member of the Portugal Chiropractic Association since 11-2005

* Practiced in Portugal at the Global Wellness Centre 2-2005 to 10-2006     Alameda dos Oceanos 4.24 O-A     Sacavem, Portugal     1990-506 (Expo North)

2010- Present  Member of The Whiplash Group (President of The Utah Whiplash Group 2010-2014) ( 2016 -current)

Teaching Experience

2007-2012 Regularly taught Auto Accident Physics and Safety at Local High Schools

CE trainer for Local Police, Fire and EMT

2011 Faculty for Brican Corp., training doctors internationally regarding PI case management

2010-2011 Certified with the State of Utah as CE trainer for Insurance Agents

2010-Current –  Faculty and Seminar Coordinator – The Whiplash Group and The Whiplash Group Seminars – speaking on business, biophysics, biomechanics of a  MVC, anatomy, physiology, documentation, and injury rehabilitation post MVC.

Numerous Local Seminars for Physicians and Attorneys– www.WhiplashGroup.org

2014 Parker Seminar Las Vegas – Guest speaker – “Personal Injury, physics, and biophysics”

2017 Business Finishing School – Dallas Texas – Guest speaker

2017, March – Salt Lake City, Utah – The Whiplash Group – Ethics, Marketing, & Personal Injury Case Management

2018, March – Salt Lake City, Utah – The Whiplash Group – Croft Guidelines, Ethic, Proper exams, diagnosis and reporting for Personal Injury cases.

2019, March – Salt Lake City, Utah – The Whiplash Group – Ethics, Pediatric Personal Injury Care, the Do’s and Don’ts, Patient mechanism of injury (biomechanics)

2019, March – Virginia State Chiropractic Association – “MVC and the Pediatric Patient” (biomechanics and occupant injury physics)

2019,  April – California – “MVC physics and how it translates to the human occupant, documentation.”

2019 Aug – Palmer College Homecoming – Guest speaker – “MVC and the Pediatric Patient.” (biomechanics and occupant injury physics)

2019, Nov – Seattle; Washington State Chiropractic Association – “MVC Physics. Practice documentation.  Ethical marketing.”

2019, Nov – WG; Spokane Washington – “Medical-Legal Communication, Ethics in Marketing, MVC physics and how these translates to the human occupant.”

2020, Jan – Missouri State Chiropractic Association – “Medical-Legal communication, Ethics, Marketing, MVC physics accident reconstruction vs. what the human occupant experiences and how that translates to injury.

2020, Feb – The Whiplash Group – Salt Lake City, Utah – Ethics, Marketing, Physics of Injury, Treatment Protocols

2021, May – The Whiplash Group – Austin, TX – Ethics, Marketing, Physics of Injury, Treatment Protocols

2022. Feb – The Whiplash Group “Personal Injury and Practice Success Summit” – Salt Lake City, Utah.  MC, Physics, Croft Guidelines, Patient Care, Medical-Legal

2023 Jan 6 & Jan 13 – The Whiplash Group 1-day “Personal Injury and Practice Success Seminar” – St. George, UT and SLC, UT.  MC physics, Pediatric patient care, Med-Legal

Hobbies & Other Interests

Mountain Biking, Teaching, Family, Religious studies, ASL or Sign Language


Chiropractic NeuroMusculoSkeletal   (out of print)


Student Guide to Orthopedic testing in a Patient Exam 

Solving the Health and Wealth Conundrum   (out of print)

2010       ISBN: 9780-98250764-351995

The family Guide to Living Healthy without Jeopardizing Your Financial Future


The Physician’s Guide: Whiplash and Hidden Soft Tissue Injuries

2011       ISBN: 978-09843900-2-1   Library of Congress Control Number: 211904538

Researched based reasons when, where and why to refer patients who have been involved in Motor Vehicle Collisions.  Second Edition: 2013

Endorsed by: Rachot vacharothone, MD; Rude Ferrate, MD; Jeff States, DC; Fab Mancini, DC; Dan Murphy, DC; BL Smith – training coordinator Sandy City Police Department; to name a few.

The Boy Who Would Never Run       (Co Author)

2014       Rockstar Publishing House  ISBN: 978-193750682-7

Inspirational autobiography of Harrison, a 12 year old boy, who overcame the debilitating effects of Spinal Meningitis and Cerebral Palsy through chiropractic care, nutrition and the power of prayer. 


Future Health

2016       ISBN: 978-0-9843900-4-5

Future Health: Aging Gracefully to 100 Years and Beyond!

Modern health and wealth tips gathered from living and practicing in Europe, Asia and the US.

Particular focus on nutrition, daily habits, REM sleep, relationships and perspective with a powerful

Interview with the financial Guru – Garrett Gunderson 

Contributing Author

Sept. 8, 2017  – Rock Your Life: Encouraging Stories to Inspire and Motivate You to Rock Your Life

Nov. 13, 2017 –  Thought Leaders: Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club 2017 (Volume 2)






Utah Matters

Air Date: March 20, 2011

Expert panel discussion of health topics – Fat vs. Fiction: Foods that heal vs. foods that harm or make us fat



Air Date: May 12, 2014

Expert panel discussion of Motor Vehicle Collision Injury, Occupant injury physics, Prevention and Statistics

 (Dr. Jay Shetlin, Attorney Bryan Larson and Sargent Todd Royce)



Air Date: May, 2, 2018

Expert panel discussion of Chiropractors in the news

 (Dr. Joshua Redd, Dr. Craig Buhler, Dr. Jay Shetlin, , Dr. Kristina Stitcher )



Air Date: June29,2022

Expert shares highway-safety during the “100 deadliest days”

(Dr. Jay Shetlin and host)

Good Things Utah with Dr. Shetlin 6_29_2022 – YouTube


Air Date: November 28, 2022

Dangers of driving without headlights (day or night)

(Dr. Jay Shetlin and host)

Good Things Utah with Dr. Shetlin November_28,2022 – YouTube


Air Date: January 2023

“What to do AFTER a car crash”

(Dr. Jay Shetlin, Jeff Metler, ESQ, and host)

Good Things Utah with Dr. Shetlin January 23, 2023 – YouTube

Harvard Lecture – Personal Injury

2017     September 27

Dr. Shetlin spoke at Harvard on the 5 things everyone should know regarding

Motor Vehicle Collisions and the business surrounding Personal Injury.



Chiropractic Revealed:  Untold Truths About Chiropractic (DVD)

Completed: August 25, 2017

Air Date: TBD

Brianne Johnson from Utah ABC-4 guides Individual interviews of four different chiropractic

Physicians explaining their different specialties.

These include: an Auto Accident specialist (Dr. Shetlin), Pediatric Chiropractor (Dr. Kristina Stitcher), Functional Medicine (Dr. Joshua Redd), and former Sports Chiropractor for the Utah Jazz (Dr. Craig Buhler).


Ten Common Mistakes Chiropractor Make in Personal Injury – eBook (2018)

Doctors “don’t know what they don’t know” and their innocent mistakes can be hurting both their patients and their own business.  This book addresses some of the superficial problems chiropractors make in Personal Injury.

Ten Common Mistakes Personal Injury Attorneys Make – eBook (2018)

Working Personal Injury for almost two decades now, I have worked with some of the best (and sadly, some of the worst) Personal Injury attorneys.  This book addresses some of the common mistakes PI attorneys make that hurt both the patient/client and the case overall.

Understanding Healthy Relationships: The Bullseye Principle –  (2020)

Maximizing relationships by understanding and exercising foundational principles in basic relationships working toward outer relationships.



The Roommate Survivor’s Guide –  (2020)

The education guided contract between roommates to make healthy co-habitation easier and ultimately more successful for life-long friendships.



Personal Injury Utah Nov (2023)

Magazine of articles from personal injury experts across the state of Utah benefiting public safety and education.  Dr. Shetlin highlight article.

Witness or Expert Witness

  • Deposition as Treating Physician – Val Bradshaw
  • Deposition as Treating Physician – Dan McManus with Attorney Jeff Metler vs. State Farm

3/2011                     Deposition as Treating Physician – Manuel Montes with Attorney Bryan Larson vs. Dairyland

4/2012                   Deposition as Treating Physician – Mark Faux with Attorney Steve Linton vs. Nation Wide

1/2015                     Deposition as Treating Physician – Kristi Briggs with Attorney Matthew Kober vs. All State

8/2016                     Deposition as Expert Witness – Joyce Chuon with Robert J. Debry vs. Dr. Evan J. Lefevre

8/2019                    Trial as Expert Witness – Chantelle Miles vs. Federal Express Corporation & Danial Young

6/2021                    Deposition as Treating Physician – Bridget Bolland  vs. StateFarm & Jacob Johnson

8/2023                    Mediation Witness as Treating Physician – Chantel Murphy with Robert J Debry  vs. StateFarm