Challenge and adversity are part of life. But for little Harrison it hit hard the day after he was born. Faced with a serious case of Bacterial Meningitis his life was hanging in the balance. Typically Bacterial Meningitis has a 48 hour window before it becomes terminal. With only a few hours to spare, he received heavy doses of the appropriate medicine to hopefully help save his life. Luckily, he survived but then faced a difficult physical challenge known as Cerebral Palsy. His pediatrician and a neurologist reported to his parents when Harrison was just a few months old, “Your boy will never run or kick a ball. He simply won’t have the physical coordination due to his severe case of Cerebral Palsy.” Yet through persistence, faith, love, grace and his world travels, Harrison was able to cure himself of the “incurable.”

Today, Harrison is a 12 year old boy that looks acts, walks and talks like every other kid at school. To see the journey of where he came from and what he went through is nothing shy of miraculous. Harrison shares his story with pictures and a witty commentary in his book, The Boy Who Would Never Run.

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