Shannon Warr Shetlin’s – Fight Against Cancer

Your Help is Sincerely Appreciated!

We are most grateful for the GoFundMe support.  Personally, (Jay speaking here), I would prefer to give something as a thank-you for helping support us in this fight.  The easiest exchange I can give at this time, is books.  I would love to send a book or two for your loving support.  Most books are just $20 each for this fund raiser.


Shannon’s Cancer Fight Fund Raiser – The Roommate Survivor’s Guide helps roommates to bridge the gaps in community living, relationship management and supporting each other in ways by being more cognitive of your surroundings.

The Bullseye Principle – the basic understanding to have a better relationship with yourself, your God, your spouse, your kids, and even your enemies.  A simple but powerfully eye-opening experience through the “rings of relationships.”   [$20]

**  Special thanks to Jenn Ford in Layton, UT and Savanna Shetlin, for helping me push through and finish this book.

Shannon’s Cancer Fund Raiser – Dr. Mark Snow shares a fictional tale of a not-so-far-off future that is fearfully upon us.  A must read for those questioning where “health care,” mandatory vaccines, travel restrictions, and technology could take us. Loosening our grip on freedom in exchange for technology and government control could unsuspectingly lead to the shackles of modern slavery.

Read, enjoy, and talk about, “Sick World” by Dr. Mark Snow.   [$20]

Shannon’s Cancer Fund Raiser – Dr. Shetlin has spent decades studying some of the top “3%-ers” or the people in the world, the leaders, CEOs, Top athletes, ethical business coaches, health coaches and others.  These gurus have some incredible similarities in their day-to-day lives.  The principles taught in Future Health for, success, health, and longevity, are priceless.

Read, enjoy, and apply as many of these concepts to your own life as possible, and watch a magical personal transformation take place!   [$20]

Shannon’s Cancer Fund Raiser – Harrison is a miraculous young man.  Shannon & Jay’s youngest child, who contracted Spinal Meningitis just two days after being born.  Fighting for his life, he was given a series of strong anti-biotics.  The anti-biotics were one of several components in saving his life…but they had side-effects, one of which was Cerebral Palsy.  Harrison’s story is one of hope, perseverance, and over coming the impossible.  Told from a12 year old perspective, Harrison’s book inspires love, peace, and confidence in overcoming our own trials in life.

Read, enjoy, and try not to shed a tear 🙂  [$20]

Shannon’s Cancer Fund Raiser – The Physician’s Guide to Whiplash and Hidden Soft Tissue Injuries was originally written to help doctors and attorneys navigate the medical-legal waters of patient care and case management following a motor vehicle collision.  It is, however, written in a lay-man’s terms to help patients and the general population better understand the physics involved and the “system” of personal injury.  To date, this is the only published book with research regarding CHILDREN who are passengers in a motor vehicle collision.

You will be surprised by interesting content on physics, round-a-bouts vs. intersections, adult vs child occupants, insurance, laws, research, and human healing potential.  [$39]

Shannon’s Cancer Fund Raiser – the DVD, Untold Truths about Chiropractic is a 24 minute video interviewing 4 different chiropractic physicians in their varying field of specialty.  Most people think all chiropractors are the same.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  There are 43 different specialties and diplomate programs in Chiropractic.  Learn about 4 foundational specialties in this video: Sports Chiropractic, Pediatric Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, and Personal Injury (Auto Accident).  [$20]

Direct Donation

Shannon’s Cancer Fund Raiser – If you would like to donate toward Shannon’s fight with your books or DIRECTLY DONATE, not going through GoFundMe, you can simply add an amount of you choice by clicking here.

Thanks again for your loving support.  Cancer is devastating to a family, emotionally and financially.

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Cost so far:  Over ~ $165,000

Covered by Insurance: ~ $42,124

Out of Pocket: ~ $122,876   (Additional expected by end of 2020: $30,000)

Donations since 2018 Diagnosis: ~ $15,450

(This is why we continue to ask for support)