Dr. R. Jay Shetlin is a keynote speaker, author, and business coach for doctors, attorneys, and students of life.

Dr. Shetlin’s background includes living and practicing for extended periods of time in the US, Asia, and Europe. His global perspective on culture, foods, nutrition, and health care, are unique and enlightening.

College Speaking Topics

Successful Relationship Building, Time Management, Personsal Health & Hygiene, (drug topics), Communication, and Healthy Relationships

One of Dr. Shetlin’s passions is helping others understand healthy relationship nurturing.

As a practicing physician, he sees literally hundreds of patients per year, each with their own story and “people skills.” He was an outstanding husband to his first wife who was completely deaf. They were married for 25 amazing years (she is deceased) and they have four incredible young-adult children. He was a roommate to over 45 people during his lifetime living in Asia, the US, and Europe.

With mentors such as Dale Carnegie (“How to Win Friends and Influence People”) and Franklin R. Covey (“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”), Dr. Shetlin has developed skills and understanding to help himself and others engage, nurture, and develop healthy, life-long relationships through gratitude and deeper understanding.

Dr. Shetlin has written eight books, four of which are directly related to health, healing, and motor vehicle collision (MVC) rehab. Via the Whiplash Group, Dr. Shetlin trains doctors and attorneys across the country. However, his passion for for individual health and healthy relationships has been his life-long work.

As the occasional “health expert” on TV programs such as “Good Things Utah” and other news networks, Dr. Shetlin enjoys educating the general population on health and safety.

Dr. Shetlin has spoken at numerous high schools in the state of Utah helping with their Driver’s ed programs by teaching physics and motor vehicle occupant safety.

Dr. Shetlin also speaks at high schools and colleges across the country on his passion of time management, personal health and hygiene, avoiding drugs, healthy relationships, communication, and cohabitation. He provides his 2-books-in-1 “The Roommate’s Survivor’s Guide” and “Bullseye Principles: Understanding Healthy Relationships,” to offer written take-home material after his high-energy on-stage presentation.