The Personal Injury Conundrum

With over 3 million whiplash injuries in the US each year, countless individuals suffer from long term/chronic pain and health problems due to improper or under diagnosis and treatment. Many MD’s and DC’s do not realize there are specialists in the field of Motor Vehicle Occupant Injuries. Mismanagement of a motor vehicle collision case can leave the patient with undue pain and suffering, as well as, make it difficult for attorneys to help victims recoup their loss and pay medical bills. Whiplash and hidden soft tissue injuries often require an interdisciplinary health care team approach. Knowing when, where and why to refer auto accident patients is a vital part in helping them receive the best care possible.

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Undergraduate studies:
Riverside California
University of Utah; SLC, UT

Graduate Studies:
Palmer College of Chiropractic; Davenport, IA

Dr. Shetlin has been passionate about health and the human body since his youth. Growing up with role models like “The Incredible Hulk,” Lou Frigno, Arnold Swartzenhager, Gymnast – Mary Lou Retton, Dr. Shetlin has been amazed with what the human frame can do, how it can change shape, and its amazing ability to heal itself after a trauma. There was a time in the 4th grade where he had a run-in with a forceful jolt of electricity…in his 4th grade mind, he thought he had been “gama-rayed” turning him into a miniature “incredible hulk,” but we will save that story for another time.

Practice History
Once his graduate requirements were complete, Dr. Shetlin opened his own practice in St. George, UT. He has never stopped learning and has been a diligent servant to his community. Dr. Shetlin took 2 years in 2005-2007 to practice in Lisbon, Portugal. He has been practicing in South Jordan, Utah since 2007.

Dr R Jay Shetlin Accomplishments

  • Served as President of the Utah Spinal Research Foundation
  • Served as President of the American Spinal Research Foundation
  • Organized a Triathlon to fund Spinal Research
  • Organized the, “Natural Health and Fitness Expo”
  • Lectured frequently on “Optimal health, naturally…without drugs and surgery.”
  • Headed two research studies, one on Asthma, the other on Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Became Certified as an Auto Accident Occupant Injury Specialist
  • Developed his practice into a group with Chiropractors, Medical Doctors,
  • Physical Therapist and Massage Therapists all working together for the benefit of the patient.
  • Authored three books
  • Serves as the President of “The Whiplash Group” and “The Utah Whiplash Group” working with physicians and attorneys who specialize in Personal Injury cases